Secure Client Login

Check the progress and status of collection activities with our secure client login. See in real time the debt recovery status without having to speak to one of our team. Clients can see every letter, every email, every call and the results of each action.

Furthermore the secure client login enables our clients to report any direct payments and update contact information. This ensures that the outstanding debt balance is always correct and we have the current information.

Discounts apply for customers who choose this service. Call us today to find out more about this feature.

If you are having any problems accessing please phone us on 1300 887 296 or email us.

Secure Client Features:

  • Refer individual or bulk files for collection
  • Make notes or instructions on the files
  • Make payments direct onto the system
  • Interact directly with their account manager at Fetch my Debt
  • Obtain specifically tailored collection reports for inclusive of all monies collected, costs incurred and updates for each individual debtor
  • Obtain copies of all correspondence and documents sent on each individual file
  • Set up internal work queues for their credit/collections staff to action files in conjunction with Fetch my Debt efforts