No Collect, No Commission

Our no collect, no commission commitment takes the emotion out of the debt recovery process. As business owners you may not have the confidence or time to recovery outstanding debts. We have found that defaulters often respond better to a third party. It also shows that you are serious about the status of the debt.

Debt recovery is the unfortunate, but necessary part of doing business. As experts in encouraging delinquent debtors to promptly fulfil their responsibilities, we can handle outstanding debts in any size or stage of delinquency. Whether it’s a single debt or a portfolio we can tailor a debt recovery solution for your business.

For debtors that fail to fulfil their responsibilities we will commence legal proceedings (with your permission). If this occurs any legal fees are added to the arrears and are payable by the debtor when the case is awarded to you.

Our fees are performance based and are only charged on successful recovery of the debt. Recovered funds are held on your behalf in an audited account and disbursed monthly for any partial amounts collected on your behalf.

In exchange for a fixed commission, agreed in advance, and based on the age of the debt, the size of each individual debt and an ongoing referral of debts, we absorb the costs associated with the issuance of demands and management of payments. If for some reason we need to take the matter further we charge on a usage basis.

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