Debt Recovery

Our debt recovery services use a reactive debt management process where our clients choose when to refer their debts to us as their debt collection agency. We recommend as soon as possible as this increases the chance of a successful outcome however some clients choose to attempt ‘in-house’ recovery in the first instance.

Prior to any debt being actioned by Fetch my Debt we request that our clients complete a debt recovery agreement. This appoints Fetch my Debt to act on their behalf as a commercial agent for the purpose of recovering specific debts for a period of no greater than 365 days for each debt. It also defines the terms of the agreement and lists any costs.

We work on a no collect no pay system where commission is only payable on the funds collected and we absorb the costs associated with the issuance of demands and management of payments as follows:

  • Demand Issuance includes all stationary, postage, local and std phone call costs associated with issuing demands on behalf of our clients. Note: Clients are responsible for providing current contact information for the debtor, if this is outdated or incorrect we may use additional third party databases to find your debtor
  • Management of payments includes all stationary and postage associated with issuing of receipts, reminders and follow ups

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